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We WERE Amethyst Lettings Ltd

Now we are Amethyst SALES & Lettings Ltd



Want to move on now?


We can now sell your house for you while you just relax and look forward to your next home, PROMISE

6 in 10 people voted moving home as their most stressful life event 


Give the stress to us, sit back and we’ll make it happen


Why should you let us sell your house?

Easy. We are YOUR personal selling agent NOT an Estate Agent and you are our Boss

 Try us and you’ll soon see the difference, guaranteed

Our business is moving people into their new homes with as much care and help as possible with as little stress as possible.

Give us a try and you’ll see what we mean

We are starting out in Sales after 13 years of great success in Lettings

Reason for our success? Simple

Passion, Compassion, Care and Trustworthiness

When is a good time to sell?

NOW because AMETHYST has a brand-new sales department with competitive fees and TIME to listen to YOU and what YOU want

And that’s important for a good sale

We are so proud we now have the expertise to sell your house


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